Amy Bowers

Wave card_resized

blue tree 2012 card ink series_resized

mother day flower 2012 card shimmer_resized

birthday flow 2012 card_resized

dripping flower salt series 2012 card_resized

red life tree card_resized

falling home 2012 art._resized

seaweed 2012 card_resized

dance vibrance 2012 card_resized

dancing flower card_resized

grow 2012 card_resized

dance and express yourself card 2012_resized

emerging figure large card series

present ink card series

storyperson india ink 2011 storypeople card series

sky dancers storypeople card series 2011

protector 2011 india ink storypeople card series

love india ink storypeople card series 2011

connection 2011 card india ink storypeople series

child's play india ink storypeople card series 2011

sway song ink card series

peaceful ink card series

friends ink card series

gestural dance

thank you mixed media card series

universe 2011

figure with purple large card series

figure in green bubble mixed media series

orbs and auars 2012 salt series piece_resized

salt series peacock piece_resized

sunrise framed work 2012 salt series_resized

salt series tree 2012 framed_resized

sky 2012 post card_resized

sunset and trees 2012 salt series card_resized

sprouting 2012 salt market series 2012_resized

sea figure 2012 card salt series_resized

release 2012 salt pen market series card_resized

favorite flower 2012 card salt market series_resized

listen card 2012 salt pen marker series_resized

green flower 2012 salt market series_resized

life's teachings 2012_resized

grow salt flow series 2012_resized

birthday wish card salt flow series 2012_resized

happy birthday 2011 series

celebrate 2011 series

Organic Forms Mixed Media 2009 15 by 18

flow 2009 mixed media 15 by 18 framed

dream mixed media 2011_resize

two of us 2011 series

patience salt series 2011

imagine salt card series 2011

create salt series 2011

birthday salt series 2011

red figure ink card series 2011

red dancer ink card series 2011

meditation ink card series 2011

yes! orange ink series

orange figure ink series card 2011

boy orange ink card series 2011

blue dream framed art 2011_resized

beginning 2011 salt series_resize

yellow salt framed art series 2011 sold_resize

untitled salt series framed art sold 2011_resize

Becoming _resize mixed media 2011


yellow pepper summer veggie card series 2011

tomato summer veggie card series 2011

jalapano summer veggie card series 2011

spring fennel veggie card series 2011

spinach veggie series 2011

Japanese eggplant veggies series 2011

wise woman

the look 2011

one with hat


emerging brown ink series

woman creating brown ink series

dance brown ink series

flow blue ink series

we are connected blue ink card series 2011

sprouting blue ink series

untitled acrylic 2008 8 by 8

to be acrylic 2008 15 by 18 and a half framed

Sway 2008 Acrylic 18 by 15 framed

Green Finger Painting 2010 acrylic 12 by 9

full moon acrylic 2008 7 and three quarters by 7 and three quarters

blue finger painting 2007 acrylic 18 by 15

becoming acrylic 9 by 11 2010

always together acrylic 2008 8 and a half by 11

two dancing figures ink 2006 5 by 7

spirit 2010 ink 9 by 12

untitled blue ink series 8 by 10 matted artwork

Pink Figure ink 8 and a half by 7

Eyes Dance 2010 ink 11 by 14 matted

emergence ink 2010 8 and a half by 11 plus black matt

black 2011 ink 8 and a half by 11

affirmations ink 2010 7 by 12

orange lines 2011

blue woman 2011

being 2011