Amy Bowers


Artist Statement:

Creating art since I was a child, I have continued to be inspired by texture, movement, nature, dance, emotion, and intuition. I love creating gestural work that captures these elements in a brief moment in time. The interesting part of this process is that it is done by simply being; allowing, and letting what is in, flow out. I think of my art as fluid, like dance or poetry. And I find words, phrases, and/or quotes that connect with the artwork. My creativity comes from a very internal, sacred place. Often, my work is seen as narrative and the artwork I create is influenced by my relationships and personal experiences. This process is meditative and requires focus and openness.

I like to use a variety of techniques when I create. Some of these include: pens and multi-colored inks, my fingers, paper scraps and Japanese Washi paper to collage, various brushes, including bamboo sticks, Japanese pen brushes, and water brushes to paint, and salt, plastic scraps, and recycled items for creating texture. I also love the process of developing new techniques to create texture and line weight. When I create gestural forms in collage, ink, or paint, they often appear simplistic yet full and expressive. I delight in watching these figures and forms appear out of my internal world.