Amy Bowers

dripping flower salt series 2012 card_resized

red life tree card_resized

dancing flower card_resized

orbs and auars 2012 salt series piece_resized

salt series peacock piece_resized

sunrise framed work 2012 salt series_resized

salt series tree 2012 framed_resized

sky 2012 post card_resized

sunset and trees 2012 salt series card_resized

sprouting 2012 salt market series 2012_resized

sea figure 2012 card salt series_resized

release 2012 salt pen market series card_resized

favorite flower 2012 card salt market series_resized

listen card 2012 salt pen marker series_resized

green flower 2012 salt market series_resized

life's teachings 2012_resized

grow salt flow series 2012_resized

birthday wish card salt flow series 2012_resized

dream mixed media 2011_resize

two of us 2011 series

patience salt series 2011

imagine salt card series 2011

create salt series 2011

birthday salt series 2011

blue dream framed art 2011_resized

beginning 2011 salt series_resize

yellow salt framed art series 2011 sold_resize

untitled salt series framed art sold 2011_resize

Becoming _resize mixed media 2011